*Please note that Lilahpads are made to order so it can take up to 7 days before they are dispatched*
Selection of LilahPads perfectly designed for first periods.These pads are slightly shorter as well as narrower than the original Lilahpads and come in three different sizes:Pantyliner to Light flow (includes two layers of organic bamboo fleece)Normal to Medium flow (includes two layers of ZORB II)Heavy flow (includes three layers of ZORB II)Bundles available:Small - 1x pantyliner, 1x normal pad, 1x heavy flow, 1x period tracker and 1x laundry soap and 1x wet bag - £40Medium - 2x pantyliner, 2x normal pads, 2x heavy flow, period tracker, 1x laundry soap and 1x wet bag £60Large - 2x pantyliners, 3x normal pads, 2x heavy flow, 1x period tracker, 1x laundry soap and 1x wet bag £68Laundry soap is either the regular vegan stain stick or Marseilles soap 'de serail' which contains at least 72% olive oil. Marseilles soaps are made by mixing sea water from the Mediterranean Sea, olive oil and alkaline chemical soda ash and lye. You can let me know which one you prefer or I choose for you. Patterns in this bundle vary and you'll get what we pick for you. However, if you are after a certain LilahPad pattern, please, do let us know and we will do our best to put it in your package. You will be able to leave us a message before you check out your basket.

Teens Bundle


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