how to care for lilahpads



Air Dry

Soak your LilahPads as soon as possible after use in ice cold water for anything between 2 hours up to two days. Change water at least twice a day if you are leaving your pads soaking for more than 12 hours. You can use a stain stick or laundry soap at this stage. Simply apply some soap into the stained area of the pad, fold it and gently rub it in. You can do this a few more times until the stain has well faded. Change the water and let sit.

Take your pads out of the water and gently press some water out. Please never twist your pads as that could damage them. Rub some stain stick/laundry soap to the stained area of your pads again and machine wash it on cold cycle. 

Remember not to use any laundry conditioner and do not tumble dry. 

Leave your LilahPads to air dry and put them in direct sunlight as much as possible. The sunshine will help to keep them stain-free.

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